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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

'limited resources'

The title comes from a lack of normative art supplies i had. I laughed throughout the exercise because the vain challenge I took up as if making some social impact and winning the hearts of Americans through my selfless act of painting, I set fourth a tumultuous task of painting deer. I was at Coffee Bean and I was feeling quite political and smug about my ecological ideology (*don't get me started). I had only but a pen and paper... also, the unexplored resources littering shelves and counters of Coffee Bean (see the bleeding heart analogy and/or metaphor that I so indelicately prodded *hint, We need new solutions and resources to solve the ecological issues we face today i.e. powering cities with renewal energy, recycling, sustainability, and so forth. To make a long story short, I stained the deers with my remaining coffee, a forgotten red pin for the crystal, and the grey was from a wet papertowel to the mucky floor (yuck right?!) Again I laughed, cuz I could almost taste revolution in the air. . .if only I found a small fence post underneath a table; I would have stapled the deer painting to it and marched on Washington.

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