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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


paid in full. no change

Friday, February 12, 2010


"You put a big bid in a small cage and it will sing you a song" Patrick Watson from the album Wooden Arms (2009).
The things we own become apart of us and our identity; I hide behind it. Be quick to build your own cage.   

titled "untitled"

lomo holga 

Monday, February 8, 2010

'small breaths'

Another mandane morning made intriguing by an iPhone app. This simple yet thought provoking picture was shot sitting on a city bus tranversing to school. Quadcamera uses the device's camera to create multiple images taken moments apart from each other. Similar to the normal iPhone camera, the user sees a single image on the screen, but QuadCamera takes a handful of shots spaced by adjustable time intervals. You can also choose between four and eight serial shots that can be oriented in a line or two parallel rows.

The effect is similar to that of Lomography cameras, only in digital form, but complete with soft focus and slightly overexposed edges. Like Lomography does for film, QuadCamera takes the inferior capabilities of the iPhone camera and adds creative tweaks to increase the fun quotient.

Stay creative..

Friday, February 5, 2010

it begins

First paint to hit canvas! (cardboard really.. and it measures a whopping 3'x5' (supersized index card,)) It fits nicely into your pocket flat bed truck. I laid down a dollop of flat interior acrylic paint--a quart to be precise. It now weighs in at 10 pounds, but thats because there's all that moisture. It's residing in my makeshift drying room where I have two spaceheaters blasting volcanic-like heat on my paint bubble. hopefully dry in the morning. keeping finger crossed to stave off major cracking and wrinkles; I'm really not shooting for the my-face-looks-like-a-topology-of-Grand-Canyon-cuz-I-refuse-to-wear-sunblock-90-year-old-ex-career-lifegard-look.....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

'limited resources'

The title comes from a lack of normative art supplies i had. I laughed throughout the exercise because the vain challenge I took up as if making some social impact and winning the hearts of Americans through my selfless act of painting, I set fourth a tumultuous task of painting deer. I was at Coffee Bean and I was feeling quite political and smug about my ecological ideology (*don't get me started). I had only but a pen and paper... also, the unexplored resources littering shelves and counters of Coffee Bean (see the bleeding heart analogy and/or metaphor that I so indelicately prodded *hint, We need new solutions and resources to solve the ecological issues we face today i.e. powering cities with renewal energy, recycling, sustainability, and so forth. To make a long story short, I stained the deers with my remaining coffee, a forgotten red pin for the crystal, and the grey was from a wet papertowel to the mucky floor (yuck right?!) Again I laughed, cuz I could almost taste revolution in the air. . .if only I found a small fence post underneath a table; I would have stapled the deer painting to it and marched on Washington.

'number 4.'

Just poking fun at the convictions we hold dear to.