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Friday, February 5, 2010

it begins

First paint to hit canvas! (cardboard really.. and it measures a whopping 3'x5' (supersized index card,)) It fits nicely into your pocket flat bed truck. I laid down a dollop of flat interior acrylic paint--a quart to be precise. It now weighs in at 10 pounds, but thats because there's all that moisture. It's residing in my makeshift drying room where I have two spaceheaters blasting volcanic-like heat on my paint bubble. hopefully dry in the morning. keeping finger crossed to stave off major cracking and wrinkles; I'm really not shooting for the my-face-looks-like-a-topology-of-Grand-Canyon-cuz-I-refuse-to-wear-sunblock-90-year-old-ex-career-lifegard-look.....

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  1. i love this art, so cool, so inspirational, so perfect!